Criminal Justice News

Temple University’s Department of Criminal Justice is nationally recognized for its groundbreaking research and for being one of the nation’s top programs in the field. Temple has our enthusiastic students, successful alumni and exacting faculty to thank for making the department what it is, and we’re keeping the focus on them by highlighting their outstanding accomplishments and current happenings here. The wide breadth of law enforcement career opportunities available to alumni opens them to diverse paths. Meanwhile, the evolving needs of the criminal justice system and its place in society presents faculty with a range of research possibilities. Read student, alumni and faculty stories below and please contact us if you have a story of your own you think we should tell.

image of Ajima Olaghere

Congratulations Professor Ajima Olaghere on being named a Public Policy Lab Faculty Fellow for the 2021-2022 academic year.

image of Ajima Olaghere

Check out Professor Ajima Olaghere's guest appearance in which she spoke about the Walter Wallace shooting with Marty Moss-Coane. Listen to the full episode in Radio Times titled Dark money in the 2020 election; the Walter Wallace shooting.

image pf Jeffery Ward

Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Ward for his appointment as the visiting scholar this year at Public Health Management Corporation.

photo of temple university campus bell tower

College of Liberal Arts Dean Richard Deeg addresses our students, alumni, faculty and staff on the crucial topics of diversity, race and anti-bias.

image of Steven Belenko

This past year Dr. Steven Belenko, in collaboration with faculty at Lincoln University, led the development of a curriculum to train promising undergraduate and graduates in aspects of health research. Three Lincoln University students, under the guidance of various mentors, conducted their own research projects while also observing Temple University’s TRUST Clinic’s efforts to combat the ongoing opioid crisis.