Criminal Justice News

Temple University’s Department of Criminal Justice is nationally recognized for its groundbreaking research and for being one of the nation’s top programs in the field. Temple has our enthusiastic students, successful alumni and exacting faculty to thank for making the department what it is, and we’re keeping the focus on them by highlighting their outstanding accomplishments and current happenings here. The wide breadth of law enforcement career opportunities available to alumni opens them to diverse paths. Meanwhile, the evolving needs of the criminal justice system and its place in society presents faculty with a range of research possibilities. Read student, alumni and faculty stories below and please contact us if you have a story of your own you think we should tell.

Dr. Roman's recent editorial response was recently featured by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace World Affairs. Dr Roman argues it is time to leverage the strengths of the faith-based community by having government and community stakeholders actively engage the faith community. These partnerships, when carefully attuned to reducing criminogenic risks and responsive to needs, can be powerful and humanizing catalysts for rehabilitation. 

Dr. Olaghere recently received a College of Liberal Arts Research Award  CLARA  for her research project entitled, Legitimacy in Corrections at a Time of Crisis: Perspectives from Incarcerated Individuals. Procedural justice and legitimacy are important concepts that help us examine the fairness and soundness of our legal and criminal justice systems, and to a larger extent our democracy and the enfranchisement of marginalized and vulnerable populations.

photo of temple students with philadelphia police

Mike Sylvanovich is a senior majoring in Criminal Justice and getting ready to start his fifth internship in the spring. Mike shares why he’s tried so many different internships, how he’s landed them and explains why other students should follow his lead.

Dr. Ajima Olaghere and Dr. E. Rely Vilcica recently received Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards LAURA. LAURA creates more opportunities for undergraduate students to develop research skills by working with faculty mentors on faculty-led research projects while simultaneously increasing support for faculty research in the College of Liberal Arts.

Dr. Steven Belenko recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Division of Correction and Sentencing of the American Society of Criminology. The award honors an individual’s distinguished scholarship in the area of corrections and/or sentencing over a lifetime. Congratulations Dr. Belenko!