Criminal Justice News

Temple University’s Department of Criminal Justice is nationally recognized for its groundbreaking research and for being one of the nation’s top programs in the field. Temple has our enthusiastic students, successful alumni and exacting faculty to thank for making the department what it is, and we’re keeping the focus on them by highlighting their outstanding accomplishments and current happenings here. The wide breadth of law enforcement career opportunities available to alumni opens them to diverse paths. Meanwhile, the evolving needs of the criminal justice system and its place in society presents faculty with a range of research possibilities. Read student, alumni and faculty stories below and please contact us if you have a story of your own you think we should tell.

As we enter 2020, we’re reminded to reflect on all of CLA’s achievements from last year. Something we’re especially proud of in 2019 is Temple’s ever growing Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, headquartered here at the College of Liberal Arts. This program—designed to bring together students and incarcerated individuals to learn inside of a prison or jail—has trained more than 1,000 educators from 47 states and 11 countries since 2004.

The PA Department of Health, with funding from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement Program (CURE), has awarded Steven Belenko (Criminal Justice) a four-year grant for research entitled, Enhancing Healthy Reintegration and Recovery for High-Risk Opioid Users. The project will test a new intervention to link people with opioid use disorders returning to Philadelphia from prison or jail to comprehensive treatment services at Temple University Health System.

Dr. Steven Belenko was recently quoted in The Philadelphia Inquirer. The article focuses on DA Larry Krasner's new plan to drop low-level drug charges in favor of addiction treatment.

Dr. Caterina Roman (Criminal Justice) has received funding from the City of Philadelphia District Attorney Office for Performance Measurement Support and Internal Evaluation of the DAO's CARES Strategy. The Co-PI on the grant is Dr. E. Rely Vilcica (Criminal Justice). Congratulations Dr. Roman and Dr. Vilcica!


Temple University’s Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program takes students from the “outside” into correctional facilities to take courses alongside students who are on the “inside.” The program has expanded throughout the U.S. and to 12 countries, educating nearly 40,000 students in 22 years Inside-Out and he Criminal Justice Society will host a special campus event Monday night.