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From Anthropology to Political Science to Religion and beyond, the Center for the Humanities at Temple (CHAT) fosters the academic study of human society and culture. In this space, we’ll tell the stories of our distinguished Humanities students, alumni and professors as well as highlight exciting CHAT events. Contact us today if you’d like to have your Humanities education story told. We’re eager to share it!  Keep reading below to catch up on all the latest happenings at CHAT and learn why you should get involved with the center.


Congratulations to Meryl Lumba for winning a 2020-21 CHAT Advanced Graduate Fellowship Award! Meryl will be working on her dissertation entitled “Hegel, Comedy, and Coping: Moving Beyond the End of Art.” Well done!


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Geoffrey Baym addressing audience at talk

As part of the college’s exploration of world events, two recent College of Liberal Arts talks looked at how the tabloid media predicted Trump’s presidency and how his policies and rhetoric are affecting international views of the U.S.

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A Tenure-track faculty position is one viable career path for CLA doctoral graduates, but, as a panel of Council of Library Information Resources postdoctoral fellows recently explained to students, it’s far from the only one!

Center for the Humanities
photo of professor Nasser Al-Jahwari presenting at CHAT

Sultan Qaboos University Associate Professor Nasser Al-Jahwari’s presentation at CLA’s Center for the Humanities at Temple showed students his team’s incredible finds from the Oman Peninsula during the Bronze Age.

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graphic of sign that reads "The Future is Female"

Catherine Rottenberg is an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham and the author of The Rise of Neoliberal Feminism. In a recent College of Liberal Arts visit, Rottenberg identified the ways in which neoliberalism is affecting feminism.

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