Professor Catresa Meyers will be teaching Criminal Behavior at Temple Rome during the upcoming Summer. This GenEd course will explore Criminal Behavior in the birth place of criminology. The course will use the city of Rome as our backdrop and explore criminality though some of the sensational cases that have shocked the citizens of Rome. We will examine the question of nature vs nurture through criminological theories, as we visit memorable sites, like the Crypt of the Capuchins and the Jewish Museum of Rome and the Jewish Ghetto, and the Mamertine Prison. Building on the theoretical foundation established in the first half of the semester, we will shift our focus onto specific areas of crime, including violence against women, organized crime and juveniles and situational crime prevention. In addition, we will visit the Colosseum to understand modern society’s zeal for violence. These classes are geared toward experiential learning. As much as possible, we will take advantage of the rich history and culture of Rome as part of the learning experience. For more information contact Professor Meyers at or The deadline is Feb. 15, 2019.

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