Anthropology News

From the Middle-East to the Indian Subcontinent to the Delaware Valley, anthropology presents students with an opportunity to uncover exciting findings around the world. The Earth is a diverse place, and Temple University Anthropology students learn to connect with its various peoples, linguistics and geographies to better understand this world. And if you want to understand what it’s like being a Temple Anthropology student, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re hoping to learn more about our faculty’s fieldwork, our students’ globetrotting or our alumni’s post-graduation success, you’ll find it all right here. Read their stories below and please contact us if you have an American Studies story of your own you think we should tell.

The College of Liberal Arts takes pride in the cutting-edge research conducted by our faculty and students. We would like to take this time to acknowledge the faculty members and students who have received grants or awards for research.

Congratulations are due to Mehret Mandefro, a doctoral student in the Department of Anthropology, as well as to her husband, Zeresenay Berhane Mehari.

Their film *Difret* (she is the producer, he is the director) has been selected for the world-renowned Sundance Film Festival. *Difret* will make its world premiere there in January 2014.

A total of 12,218 films were submitted to Sundance this year. Of those, only 118 (fewer than one percent) were selected for the festival.

While the other students in the Temple Anthropology Department had never carved pumpkins with stone tools before, Katrina Harrison had never carved a pumpkin at all.

“I never celebrated Halloween as a kid,” junior political science major Harrison said. “My parents are very, very super religious and felt it was a demonic holiday. They’ve since changed their thinking, but it doesn’t really help now that I’m an adult.”