Marguerite Robinson is a 2016 graduate in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience and a 2018 graduate of the MS in Neuroscience Program. She is currently a Neurocognitive Specialist at NeuroRestorative.

What is your current position like?

Providing one-on-one cognitive rehabilitation services in the home, community, and school/workplace. Focus on areas such as deficits in executive functioning, memory, and attention. What I enjoy most about my job is assisting clients to reach their full potential and independence. 

Describe your career path.

Previously employed at a neurorehab facility. Assisted an interdisciplinary team, serving as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist. Duties comprised of developing appropriate goals for clients highlighting visuospatial, executive functioning, and memory deficits.  

How did the CLA Neuroscience Program prepare you for your current position?

Provided comprehensive understanding of the brain which could be applicable to everyday life. Additionally, the CLA MS Neuro program provided me with graduate level experience that I'm currently utilizing in my doctoral program. 

What advice do you have for current students in the CLA neuroscience program?

If possible, hone in on areas of interest. Try exploring them inside and outside of the program. Networking within the field will also be important. 

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew as an undergraduate?

From an academic perspective: Double majoring and graduating within four years is possible. Time management isn't a must, it's a requirement if you want to be successful.

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