By Cindy Stansbury

The African American Studies Department gathered recently for its annual Fall Indaba. Students and faculty discussed department news among other topics.

Faculty credited undergraduate and graduate student efforts as well as staff work with the department’s recent growth. “Once a month they have a table down in the lobby and they are recruiting – helping us to recruit undergraduate students,” said department chair Dr. Molefi Kete Asante. “They did that on their own initiative. I think we should be very, very proud of what they have done.”

Asante also announced some ambitious plans to continue to grow the department.

“I think we may be at 31 … majors but we are going further than 31,” he said. “We want to hit 75 by next year.” The gathering erupted in massive applause at Asante’s declaration.

The department also announced plans to begin a study broad program in Ghana. The program is not yet finalized but the department hopes to have things in place for the upcoming Summer II session.






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