Temple University’s African American Studies Department, the world’s first doctoral program in this particular field of study, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  To celebrate, the department is sponsoring an African American Studies speaker series February 12 - April 30. Professor Niambi Carter organized the series, titled “Conversations across Diasporas.” Speakers to explore how different scholars are studying and researching the lives of people of African descent across time and space.

By design, the scheduled speakers, who represent a variety of universities, disciplines, and organizations within the social sciences and humanities, will include mainly younger scholars. Students will enjoy the opportunity to speak with the relatively new professionals about their research and professional experience as well as today's job market.

Guests and discussion topics featured at the series include:

  • Nina A. Johnson (Swarthmore College) "Talented Tenth or Black Bourgeoisie?: Black Educational Elites and the Paradoxes of Black Privilege."
  • Travis L. Adkins (National Democratic Institute) “Conflict in Sudan and South Sudan: Regional Implications and Prospects for Peace.”
  • Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman (SUNY-Binghamton) "The Sonic Color-line: Race and the Cultural Politics of Listening.”

This 25th anniversary year will continue to be an exciting time for the African American Studies Department. Thanks to the pioneers in the department who have allowed for the creation of the first doctoral program in African American Studies, students have the opportunity to take part in this exciting moment in the history of this field. Attending the speaker series is a fantastic way to celebrate. 

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