headshot image of Kin wearing glasees, standing on campus wearing a grey suit jacket an d white button down shirt

The National Committee of United States-China Relations for the Public Intellectuals Program, has selected Dr. Kin Cheung  as one of the twenty leading China specialists selected for the eight round of the Public Intellectuals Program. Alumni Kin Cheung received both his MA and PhD from the Temple University Religion department in 2017. He is currently the chair for the Departments of Global Religions and Philosophy and is an Associate Professor of East and South Asian Religions at Moravian University.

Launched in 2005, PIP identifies outstanding members of the next generation of American China specialists - in the academic, professional, or policymaking spheres - who, in the tradition of earlier China hands, have the interest and potential to venture outside of academia or their professions into areas relevant to foreign policy and public education. Congratulations Dr. Cheung!