L: Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Chair Rep. Donna Bullock C: Temple Senior Sierra Kamara R: PA House Majority Leader Brian Cutler

Sierra Kamara is a senior Political Science Major. She recently interned with the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus as a Legislative Intern through The Harrisburg Capital Internship Semester Program.

What was your internship position and what was the office's role?

I was a legislative intern for the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus (PLBC) within the Democratic Caucus. The PLBC is a collective, embodied by 32 PA State Representatives and 5 PA State Senators of color. Their mission statement reads, "The purpose of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus is to serve as an information and advocacy vehicle to advance the interests of African American, Latino, and other people of color of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania". It's meant to consist of representatives of minority districts to collaborate with each other regarding issues that may be specific to their districts.

What does a day in Harrisburg look like?

I was only required to be in the office on session days. When we were in person, I spent the majority of my days in the office with April Ashe (Executive Director of the PLBC) working on legislative research, resolutions, citations, and other tasks. 

How do you feel the Harrisburg Capital Internship has prepared you for graduation?

It was great practice for working in the professional world in terms of attire, routines, and behaviors. Also helped create relationships with individuals who could aid in opening doors down the road.

What is your favorite thing about your Harrisburg Internship and why?

As tedious as it was, I really enjoyed reading bills and watching the House Floor during session. Everyone thought I was crazy for liking these things, but I learned so much that I wouldn't have gained any other way. Before my internship, I didn't know how to read a bill. Now I can understand bill language enough to draft House Resolutions. One of the resolutions I did write was actually introduced to the House! As far as session, very rarely was it entertaining but there were a few times that I got to witness heated debates

What is one thing you think Temple students will be surprised to find out about interning in Harrisburg?

Elected officials are people! Some of the best people I've ever met at that. I was extremely nervous going into this, but came out very confident in my ability because I was surrounded by such supportive people. Chairwoman and Rep. Donna Bullock even offered me an internship opportunity at her district office in this past summer after meeting me one time! Many want to encourage the younger generation and help them succeed and you shouldn't allow your fear to block these blessings.