Read the Q&A below with current MPP graduate student Jacqui Moran. See how her current studies in the MPP program is being put into action in her current career!

Please describe your new position. What does your day-to day look like?

My job title is Management and Budget Consulting Analyst at PFM. My tasks vary by project but primarily consist of completing research and analyses to assist state and local governments in areas such as financially and operationally to increase their efficiency and efficacy. My day to day varies as well and involves working along the timelines my teams have scripted and checking in regularly with my project managers and teammates on current progress and next steps.

How do you feel like the MPP program helps you in your new role?

The Temple MPP program has been key to my recent career change and the reason I was able to launch right into working on projects from day one at PFM. This is due to the skills that I have both developed and strengthened so far from the program. These skills include research and analysis, as well as my writing and presentations skills. Also, I am currently enrolled in a GIS class and am excited to be able to use that knowledge in my work soon.

How do you balance your schoolwork with your job responsibilities?

As this is the first semester that I have held this position while in the MPP program, and the first time I am taking asynchronous classes, I am still learning if I should be doing anything differently, but I am balancing it similarly to previous semesters during which I was also working full time. Both during previous semesters and now I find that the key to finding a balance is staying organized. Thus, I make sure I am keeping up with the syllabi on Canvas and utilizing my Google calendar and agenda as well as my sticky note reminders as ways to have both my overall and most pressing classwork to-dos detailed out and scheduled in amongst the rest of my schedule. Additionally, I have found that initially scheduling homework with ample time before its due date is important in case something comes up in my work schedule or if I simply need an evening to regroup. Thus, I have a buffer built in and am ready for whatever the week brings.