Temple Psychology major Kathryn Lockwood

Kathryn Lockwood is a Senior Psychology major with a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience. Throughout the past four semesters, she has worked as a research assistant in the Adaptive Memory Lab. Under the guidance of Dr. Vishnu (Deepu) Murty, Kathryn joined the Fright Night Project, which was an ongoing project looking into researching memory and fear. With this project, she learned how to hand code episodic and semantic memory details using autobiographical indexing guidelines, and she familiarized herself with R and MATLAB to analyze data and create data frames. After working on that project as an undergraduate research assistant, Deepu approached Kathryn about working on her own project specifically looking into time and memory but through a fun and engaging lens. Thus, developing "The Interactive Effects of Emotional Arousal on Time Perception and Memory Utilizing the Social Media Platform Tik Tok," a project in which she won a Fall 2021 Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Award. For this project, Kathryn was able to continue working with Dr. Murty, but also collaborate with Dr. Jason Chein from the Control and Adaptive Behavior Lab. During the Summer of 2021, Kathryn visited TU Rome and had the opportunity to work with Temple Psychology collaborator, Dr. Laura Di Giunta at Sapienza University helping her curate Qualtrics surveys analyzing different international groups in the areas of educational, personality, emotional, and social psychology.

Upon graduation, Kathryn hopes to continue building on her research experience by becoming a full-time Research Assistant for a few years, then enrolling in a PhD program to study Cognitive Neuroscience or Cognitive Psychology. She is appreciative of her research opportunities because they have helped her build a foundation by expanding her learning beyond the classroom and broadening her interests and passions, even before she starts her career in research. Outside of research, Kathryn is very active in various student organizations including being a student athletes tutor, Grey Matters author, and former Women's Rowers, as well as, being Vice President of Psi Chi Honors Society and the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.