Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, Yesenia Escobar Espitia earned a bachelor's degree in Modern Languages from the University of Atlántico and a law degree from the University of La Gran Colombia. She also holds a master's degree in Literary Studies from the National University of Colombia with a dissertation on Afro-Colombian writers Candelario Obeso and Jorge Artel. As a doctoral student at Temple University, her research interests focus on Afro-Latin American literature and gender studies. She is interested in examining the roots and characteristics of contemporary Afro-Latin American literature produced by female authors to explore its relationships with Africa and the African diaspora cultures.

In addition to her career as a literature scholar, Yesenia has also published creative writing works as part of her commitment to narrate the stories and experiences of black women and girls in Latin America. Her creative work includes "Ensueño negro del África mía," a poetry book, and two children's literature books: "Mamá Avó" and "¿En dónde estás Masmelo?".

Faculty Advisor: Victor Pueyo