As a PhD student specializing in medical geography, my work resides at the intersection of geography and cancer epidemiology. My primary goal is to leverage advanced spatial methods to uncover geographic disparities in cancer incidence and mortality, contributing to a deeper understanding of the area-level determinants of cancer burden.

In addition to my doctoral studies, I serve as a Geospatial Analyst at Fox Chase Cancer Center under Dr. Shannon Lynch. At Fox Chase, I harness geospatial data and apply spatial statistics to facilitate research initiatives and inform interventions aimed at cancer prevention and control. Additionally, I am actively involved in the preparation of publications and grant proposals to support the advancement of this critical field. Beyond my research endeavors, I have the privilege of sharing my passion for my work by teaching GIS Applications in Public Health to Master of Public Health (MPH) students at La Salle University.

Across my academic and professional life, my work is driven by a desire to contribute to understanding and addressing the geographic complexities of cancer health disparities. I am excited about the opportunities to make a meaningful impact in this important field.

Faculty Advisor: Kevin Henry