Shengao Yi is a PhD student in Geography at Temple University. Drawing upon a rich educational background, he earned his Master's in Urban Spatial Analytics (MUSA) from the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor's degree in Geospatial Information Engineering from Shenzhen University.

Shengao's research is at the nexus of technology, geography, and urban analysis. He is particularly intrigued by the transformative potential of GeoAI in reshaping how we understand, interpret, and engage with urban spaces. His innovative research approach leverages urban big data sources, such as Points of Interest (POI), street view imagery, trajectories, and a range of socioeconomic data. Through these avenues, Shengao seeks to sense and model our living environment, offering insights into the intricate patterns and dynamics that underpin urban life.

Through a fusion of traditional geographical methods and cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques, Shengao hopes to uncover deeper layers of understanding about our cities and their ever-evolving landscapes.

Research Interests: GeoAI, Urban Analytics, Spatial Data Science, Mobility and Travel Behavior Analytics, and Remote Sensing

Curriculum Vitae

Faculty Advisor: Xiaojiang Li