Nick Robinson is a PhD student in Political Science. He has a BA with honors and an MA in Political Science from Temple University. During his time in the program, he has taught a range of courses that reflect his concentrations in political theory and American politics. Furthermore, he received his Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education from Temple University's College of Education and Human Development (2020).

Nick’s interests investigate the relationship between urban redevelopment policies and community resistance to the effects of gentrification in American cities. He explores the public policies that have arisen out of persistent conflict between developers and community groups. Specifically, he applies insights from democratic political theory to evaluate how responsive such policies are in addressing community concerns. His interest in gentrification and the social and political conflict it engenders emanates from his lived experience as a life-long Philadelphian. He has presented his research at conferences such as American Political Science Association (APSA) in 2020 and the Northeastern Political Science Association (NPSA) in 2019.

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught

  • POLS 2102 - American State and Local Politics
  • POLS 1101 - The American Political System 
  • POLS 2496 - Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • POLS 0832 - Politics of Identity in America
  • POLS 0829 - History and Significance of Race in America