My name is Joseph Edward Johnson.

I am currently a first year PhD student and a teaching assistant. I received my BA in History, with minors in Shakespeare & Renaissance Studies, and Theatre, from Oglethorpe University (2017) in Atlanta, Georgia. My MA is in Social Sciences, with a concentration in history, from the University of Chicago (2020). Primarily, my research interests are focused on diplomatic and cultural history, particularly international relations between the United States and Latin America during the 20th Century. My MA thesis, entitled "US Militarization and Occupation of Honduras, 1979-1990," focused on the various challenges facing US geopolitical strategy in the late Cold War and the ways in which the United States used economic and military policies to achieve international objectives in the ideological conflicts between capitalism and communism.

Along with my current work on US-Latin American relations, I am also interested in the wider view of US diplomatic and cultural history. I remain interested in early modern European/Renaissance history, while also maintaining a healthy interest in theatre and the performing arts. I also have extensive firsthand experience as an actor; I began when I was twelve years old. For this reason, I am also heavily interested in the usage of interdisciplinary methods and sources to understand the larger cultural contexts of transnational history and conflicts. Those methods and sources include: film, music, literature, graphic arts, memoirs, interviews and other widely consumed mass media.

I also maintain a healthy appreciation for the paranormal and the ways in which the history of the fantastic directly influences human perceptions of the world. This was a topic to which I dedicated a great deal of time in my undergraduate thesis, "Magic and Cultural Boundaries in Early Modern Europe." I also have a fascination with the phenomenon of UFO sightings and the cultural interpretations of such events, particularly in the United States.

My interests are far-reaching and I am a voracious consumer of many different types of history.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have, and I will answer them at my earliest convenience.