Sociolinguistics, Spanish in the US, Linguistic Landscapes


Daniel Guarin is a PhD candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Temple University. Born and raised in Colombia, Daniel earned his BA in Modern Languages from the University of Quindio, an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the Pontifical Xaverian University, and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Salamanca.

Before joining Temple, Guarin served as a Language Associate at Bates College (Maine, USA) and as an Adjunct Professor at ECCI and Los Libertadores University, both located in Bogota, Colombia; where he taught courses in linguistics, communication, and translation studies.

At Temple University, Daniel has instructed various Spanish courses ranging from 1001 to 1003, as well as General Education courses such as "Latin America through Literature and Films" and "Language in Society".

His primary research interests encompass Spanish in the US, Linguistic Landscape Studies, Latin American (pop) cultures, and Language in Society. Currently, he is immersed in his dissertation, exploring the Linguistic Landscape of Hispanic Philadelphia under the guidance of Dr. Augusto Lorenzino.

Curriculum Vitae
Faculty Advisor: Victor Pueyo

Selected Publications

  • Guarín, D., & Oliveiro-Cardoso, L. (2023). A Virtual Linguistic Landscape Analysis of Higher Education Institutions and Their Use of Pronouns of Address in The Hispanic and Lusophone World. In R. Taiwo, B. Idowu-Faith, & S. Ajiboye (Eds.), Transformation of Higher Education Through Institutional Online Spaces. IGI Global. 10.4018/978-1-6684-8122-6.ch001 
  • Guarín, D. (2022). El Uso de pronombres de tratamiento en el departamento del Quindío (Colombia). Miradas, 17(2), 65–82.
  • Guarín, D. (2022). Colombian Literature in the Spanish as a Foreign Language’s Textbooks: (Re)Presentations, Uses and Perspectives. Visitas Al Patio, 16(2), 460–484.
  • Guarín, D. (2022). Mesetas, multiplicidades e interconexiones en Estrella Distante: Entre la complejidad y lo rizomático. La Palabra, 43(1), 1–20.
  • Courses Taught

  • SPAN 1001- Basic I
  • SPAN 1002 - Basic II
  • SPAN 1003 - Intermediate
  • SPAN 1003 - Intermediate (Professional Focus)
  • SPAN 1901 - Honors Basic I
  • SPAN 0868 - Latin American Society in Literature & Films
  • SPAN 0815 - Language in Society