I am a translator and interpreter of English and Portuguese to Spanish. I completed my undergraduate studies in translation in Rosario, Argentina (I.E.S. No. 28, and Universidad Nacional de Rosario), and my MA in Spanish at Ohio University, OH (USA). I am currently a Graduate Student in the Spanish PhD program at Temple University. My focus is contemporary Latin American literature.

I have worked as a freelance translator and interpreter since 2015, focusing on audiovisual, literary, technical and legal translations. Recently I have collaborated with the Translation Club at Ohio University as a translator in two projects: the translation from English into Spanish and Portuguese of mApp Athens, and the translation from Spanish into English of the poem “Noche oblonga” by Juana M. Ramos (In: Láscar, Amado J., editor. Crossfire: Epic Anthology. Editorial El Sur es América, 2020.)

I have also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant in the courses "Argentine and Brazilian Comparative Literature" and "Literary Translation" at the National University of Rosario (2018-2019), and as a graduate teaching assistant (instructor of record) of elementary Spanish at Ohio University, OH (2019-2021).