Can Zengin is a 4th year PhD student at Temple University. Broadly, he focuses on Comparative Politics from the Political Psychology perspective. In particular, he engages in psychological biases' outcome in contemporary political behavior in Turkey and the United States. 

His thesis aims to explain the variance in outgroup bias through the lens of Self-Conscious Emotions. Given the importance of identity in political behavior and current affairs, his research seeks to demonstrate (i) how people’s predisposed tendencies may explain the variance in affective polarization across individuals, (ii) how social context shapes the relationship between shame/guilt and outgroup bias, and (iii) whether pride emotion provides an explanation for the right-wing populist movements. 

In his free time, Can immensely enjoys outdoor activities, watching soccer and European basketball, and exploring the small towns of America.

Faculty Advisor: Kevin Arceneaux

Curriculum Vitae