Amanda Summers is a PhD student in History. She has a BA with honors and MA in history and a graduate certificate in gender, race, and identity studies from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Amanda has had internships in manuscript preservation at the Nevada Historical Society and has worked on projects between NHS and the University of Nevada Special Collections Department, and digital and public history departments. She has taught courses in humanities, history, and gender studies at the University of Nevada, Jefferson University, and Temple University.

Amanda's research interests include colonial Latin America, gender, race, religion, the body, and community relationships. Her present work focuses on women's embodied experience during the Mexican Inquisition pertaining to witchcraft and folk religious practice, incarceration, and execution. In her free time, Amanda enjoys gaming, outdoors adventure sports, plays roller derby, and frequently travels.

Faculty Advisor: Mónica Ricketts

Curriculum Vitae