Latin Epic, Early Christianity, Latin Pedagogy, Roman History


Nell has been teaching at Temple since she earned her PhD from Bryn Mawr College in 2014, after her MA from the same institution and her AB from Princeton University in 2007. In that time she has taught everything from introductory Latin to advanced courses on the topography of ancient Alexandria. Her own work is on Latin epic and its interactions with the historical imagination. She is currently preparing a monograph on exemplarity in post-Augustan Latin poetry.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • “Lucan’s Nostalgia and the Infection of Memory,” in Lucan’s Imperial World: The Bellum Civile in Its Contemporary Contexts, L. Zientek and M. Thorne, eds., London: Bloomsbury.
  • “Roma(na) Matrona,” The Classical Journal 112.4, 432-459.

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Latin: Pliny’s Letters
  • Advanced Latin: Sallust
  • Advanced Latin: Martial and Juvenal
  • Advanced Latin: Vergil, Silius Italicus, and Claudian
  • Advanced Latin: Livy and Horace
  • Advanced Latin: Lucan and Caesar
  • Intermediate Latin: Oxford Latin Reader, Eutropius
  • Elementary Latin: Wheelock, Shelmerdine, Disce!, Suburani
  • Advanced Greek: Sophocles
  • Roman Historians
  • Ancient City: Rome
  • Ancient City: Alexandria
  • Christianity in the Roman Empire
  • The Art of Sacred Space
  • Honors Art of Sacred Space
  • Sacred Space in the Greek World
  • Honors Sacred Space in the Greek World
  • Greek Theater and Society
  • Honors Greek Theater and Society
  • The Greeks
  • The Romans
  • Classical Greek and Roman Mythology
  • Honors Classical Greek and Roman Mythology