Geography, GIScience, Sustainability, Risks and Hazards, Computational Urban Geography, Geocomputation, Future Scenario Modeling


Khila R. Dahal is a geographer with specialization in computational GIScience. Before joining the Department of Geography and Urban Studies at Temple University as a visiting assistant professor from the Fall of 2017, Khila worked as a postdoctoral scientist at Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, and at The New School, New York. He has a PhD degree in Geography (from Texas State University) and a Master's degree in Environmental Policy (from Michigan Technological University). His research interests include urban sustainability, risks and hazards, spatial modeling, geocomputation, future scenario modeling, and GIScience in general.

Selected Publications

  • Dahal, K., and Lindquist, E. 2017. Determinants of urbanization and its different types in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, USA: A hierarchical approach. Applied Spatial Analysis and Planning, published online May 2017. DOI: 10.1007/s12061-017-9227-5
  • Dahal, K., Benner, S., and Lindquist, E. 2017. Analyzing spatiotemporal patterns of urbanization in Treasure Valley, Idaho, USA. Applied Spatial Analysis and Planning. 10(2), 1-22.
  • Dahal, K., Benner, S., and Lindquist, E. 2017. Urban hypotheses and spatiotemporal characterization of urban growth in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, USA. Applied Geography, 79, 11-25.
  • Chow, T. E., Dede-Banfo, N., and Dahal, K., 2016 Geographic disparity of positional errors and matching rate of residential addresses among geocoding solutions. Annals of GIS, 22(1), 29-42.
  • Dahal, K. and Chow, T. E. 2015. Characterization of neighborhood sensitivity of an irregular cellular automata model of urban growth. International Journal of Geographic Information Science, 29 (3), 475-497.
  • Dahal, K., and Chow, T. E., 2014. An agent-integrated irregular automata model of urban land use dynamics. International Journal of Geographic Information Science, 28 (11), 2281-2303.
  • Dahal, K., and Chow, T. E., 2014. A GIS toolset for automated partitioning of urban lands. Environmental Modeling and Software, 55, 222-234.
  • Hagelman, R., Connoly, M., Zavar, E. and Dahal, K, 2012. Disaster Reconstruction and Business Geography Following the 2007 Greensburg, Kansas Tornado. Environmental Hazards, 11(4) 283-302.
  • Dahal, K., and Hagelman, R., 2011. People’s risk perception of glacial lake outburst flooding: A case of Tsho Rolpa Lake, Nepal. Environmental Hazards, 10(2) 154-170.

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Statistics for Urban Applications
  • Digital Mapping: From Mercator to Mashups
  • Environment and Society​
  • Environmental Applications of GIS
  • Environmental GIS
  • Environmental Health
  • Fundamentals of GIS
  • Physical Geography
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Statistics for Urban Spatial Statistics
  • Sustainable Environments
  • Urban Applications of GIS
  • Urban GIS