International Relations, Comparative Politics, Social Science Methodology, World Bank, Development, Development Aid, International Political Economy


Professor Blemings is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Temple University’s Department of Political Science. He received a BA from West Chester University in political science, as well as, an MA and PhD, also in political science, from Temple University. His teaching interests include courses in international relations, comparative politics, and social science methodology. His most recent research focuses on international development aid; specifically, understanding the determinants of the World Bank’s lending behavior.

Selected Publications

  • The Politics of Development Aid: Understanding the Lending Practices of the World Bank Group.

Courses Taught

  • POLS 2341: US Foreign Policy
  • POLS 1301: Introduction to International Politics
  • POLS 864: War and Peace, POLS 866: World Affairs
  • POLS 825: Quantitative Literacy
  • POLS 2503: Evidence and Knowledge
  • POLS 3201: Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Politics