Victimology, Restorative Justice, Gender and Justice, Juvenile Corrections


Wendy A. Thompson earned her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and her master’s and PhD from Temple University. Her dissertation research looked at staff stress, burnout, and turnover in juvenile correctional facilities. Since completing her PhD research, Wendy has turned her efforts towards teaching at the undergraduate level and thus began teaching as a full-time instructor at Temple University. She has a wide range of teaching interests including victimology, restorative justice, and gender and justice. In her free time, Wendy enjoys spending time with her family, camping, hiking, and dancing with her girlfriends.  

Selected Publications

Doctoral Dissertation

  • Staff Turnover in Juvenile Corrections: Predicting Intentions to Leave.  May 2014, Philip Harris advisor.

Courses Taught

  • Criminal Behavior
  • Doing Justice
  • Victims in Society
  • Gender and Criminal Justice
  • Professional Development
  • Race, Crime, and Justice