Animals & Religion, Shamanism, Deep Ecology, Unverified Gnosis


Dr. Berendt specializes in the interplay between animals and religion, using queer theory alongside deep ecology to investigate the ongoing fluid interpretation and experience of nature veneration.  

Selected Publications

  • Ahimsā & Gandhian Ecology: A Multicultural Paradigm of Non-violence towards Nature” for Reflections on Mahatma Gandhi:The Global Perspectives, Terry Beitzel and Chandrakant Langare eds. 2021
  • "Celtic Origins of Bosou Twa Kòn: Creolization & Appropriation of the Three Horned Bull in Haitian Vodou" for Journal of Haitian Studies 2021
  •  “Bovine Shamanism: The Integral Role of Buffalo in Shamanic Practice” for SHAMAN Journal 2020

Courses Taught

  • Gender and World Societies
  • Earth Ethics
  • Asian Behavior and Thought
  • Death and Dying
  • Religion in Film