First Year Writing, Arab American and Arab immigrant Literature, Postcolonial Literature


I received my undergraduate education in English at the University of Aleppo, Syria, and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I finished my master's in English in 2009 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Then, I went on to do my doctoral work in English at Louisiana State university, where I graduated in 2017. I was appointed as a post-doctoral/post-degree instructor at LSU for the academic year 2017-2018 before I joined the First-Year Writing program at Temple University.

Selected Publications

  • "Emotional Distance: Transnational Pleasure in Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North." Forthcoming in the summer issue of Arab Studies Quarterly.

Courses Taught

  • First Year writing/composition
  • Literature and ethnicity (with an emphasis on Arab American literature)
  • ESL