First Year Writing, American Literature, Interdisciplinary Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Popular Culture, Teaching and Instruction


Rachael Groner is Professor of Instruction in English and First Year Writing. She received her doctorate in American Studies in 2001 from Purdue University and has been at Temple University since 2003. She is currently serving as the Director of the First Year Writing Program. She is passionate about teaching and brings an interdisciplinary perspective to every course she designs. Her courses include Popular Fiction (focused primarily on graphic novels), Gender in Literature, and American Literature and Society. She enjoys teaching first year writing courses, too, and has had a great time mentoring new graduate student teaching assistants in their first semester of teaching composition at Temple. Professor Groner is an active member of the Provost’s Teaching Academy through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, and she is a Faculty Fellow with the Philadelphia Education Fund.

Selected Publications

  • “Sex as ‘Spock’: Autism, Sexuality, and Autobiographical Narrative.” Sex and Disability. Eds. Robert McRuer and Anna Mollow. Durham: Duke UP, 2012.
  • Composing Gender. Eds. Rachael Groner and John O’Hara. New York: Bedford St. Martin’s Press, 2013.

Courses Taught

  • English 0701: Introduction to Academic Discourse
  • English 0802: Analytical Reading and Writing
  • English 0902: Honors Analytical Reading and Writing
  • English 2113: Popular Fiction
  • English 2160: Gender in Literature
  • English 2302: Survey of American Literature II
  • English 3341: American Literature and Society