I’m a city kid who studied hard and won scholarships to Penn and Cambridge. I played sports. Never thought I’d be a professor or a painter. The 1960s and seventies formed me. In high school I went to the giant Civil Rights march organized by MLK in D.C. I became interested in art and literature. I watched the country tear itself apart in protest and the counter culture. I was involved. Unexpectedly, I was asked to help start a school for kids who were dropping out due to the pressures of the time. I did Community Development through the Arts in poor neighborhoods. Fast forward almost 50 years and I find myself teaching the great books of the world at Temple. Teaching and learning. I paint Art for a School.

Selected Publications

  • Paintings for a School

Courses Taught

  • Intellectual Heritage 851
  • Intellectual Heritage 852
  • Intellectual Heritage 951
  • Intellectual Heritage 952