Continental Philosophy, Marx and Marxism, Critical Theory, Modernity, Avant-Garde Art, Political Theory


Hammam has been teaching in the Intellectual Heritage Program since 2018. He holds a PhD in philosophy from the Center for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University (London) and a Helena Rubinstein Fellowship in Critical Studies from the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program (New York).

Selected Publications

  • "A Critique of the Author Function Concept in Art History," Third Text (December 2021).
  • "A Genuine Refutation? A Response to Gabriel Rockhill's 'Foucault: The Faux Radical'," Telos (Fall 2021).
  • "Hegel's Concept of the Familiar: Toward a Philosophical Study," Hegel Bulletin (May 2021).
  • "Progress as Regress: Critical Reflections on an Open Letter to LA MOCA," Journal of Aesthetics and Protest (2020).
  • "Hegel's Natural Assumption: The First Line of the Phenomenology of Spirit," Radical Philosophy (Spring 2020).
  • "Before Hegel: Schiller, Novalis, and the Concept of Aufhebung," Cosmos and History (2019).
  • "Search for a Method: A Reassessment of Hegel's Dialectic in Art History," Journal of Art Historiography (June 2019).
  • "Bourdieu's Genetic Structuralism," Oxford Art Journal (March 2019).
  • "Building on 'Notes on Social Practice': On the Theoretical Unconscious of Social Practice," Detroit Research (Fall 2016).

Courses Taught

  • IH2 - The Common Good