Philosophy of Race, Social and Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, Africana Philosophy


César Cabezas received his PhD from Columbia University. His research focuses on the concept of racism—specifically, on how different conceptions of racism lead to different (and sometimes conflicting) diagnoses and proposed solutions to the problem of racial injustice. He is also interested in Africana and Latin American philosophies of decolonization.


Selected Publications

  • "Is Conceptual Inflation a Problem for a Theory of Institutional Racism?," forthcoming in Ethics.
  • "Is Affirmative Action Racist? Reflections Toward a Theory of Institutional Racism," Journal of Social Philosophy, Early View.
  • "Racism: A Moral or Explanatory Concept?," Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 24, no. 3 (July 2021): 651-659.

​Courses Taught

  • Philosophy of Race and Racism
  • Latin American and Latinx Philosophy
  • Contemporary Social Philosophy
  • The Concept of Racism
  • Responding to Structural Injustice