Greek poetics, Homer, Reception, Gender, Writing Pedagogy


Alison Traweek's research interests are wide-ranging, and she has published and presented on topics from dreams in Homer to American women's suffrage to writing pedagogy. She is currently working on two research projects: the first is on the gorgon Medusa and her appearances in Greek and Latin literature and art, the second is an annotated translation of the Iliad for readers new to the poem.

Alison Traweek earned her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011, and has an MA from UT Austin (2005) and a BA from Columbia University (2003), all in Classics. She came to Temple in 2017 after teaching writing at the University of Pennsylvania from 2010-2017.

Selected Publications

  • "Dreams." The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Homer, edd. Corinne Pache and Casey Due (Cambridge UP, forthcoming)
  • "Integrating Writing in the Classics Classroom." Journal of  Teaching Classics (2017)
  • "Theseus Loses his Way: Viktor Pevelin's Helmet of Horror and the old labyrinth for the new world." Dialogue: Classical Representations in Popular Culture, edd. Kirsten Day and Benjamin Haller (2014)
  • "Coming Homer with Odysseus: meeting myself in re-reading." Cloelia (2014)

Courses Taught

  • Ancient Greek
  • Latin
  • Race in the Ancient World
  • Art of Sacred Spaces; Shakespeare in Cinema (English Department)