Classical Political Thought, Greek Literature, Greek Culture, Greek History


My work ranges widely from Solon and Homer to myth and ritual, from Plato to Athenian political history. The thread that connects these disparate topics is a continuing fascination with the forms and modes of ancient Greek political thought and practice, broadly conceived. The overarching agenda of my research is to widen the scope of what constitutes the study of Greek politics, in order to better understand ancient behavior and mentalities.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • Politics and the Street in Democratic Athens. Cambridge University Press (2014)
  • “Reading the Arrivals of Harpalus,” Greek, Roman & Byzantine Studies (forthcoming)
  • “The Authority of Telemachus,” Classical Antiquity 33 (2014), 31-60
  • “Supplication in the Greco-Roman Religious Field,” Bulletin for the Study of Religion 4 (2012), 25-31
  • “The Beggar and the Clod: The Mythic Notion of Property in Ancient Greece,” Transactions of the American Philological Association 140 (2010), 287-322
  • “The Pragmatics of Homeric kertomia,” Classical Quarterly 58 (2008), 1-12
  • “Two Notes on Solon fr. 11W,” Mnemosyne 58 (2005), 412-5