Professor - Emeritus

Freidenreich-Photo-300x225.jpg 1115 Polett Walk Philadelphia PA 19122 Expertise Jewish history, Women’s history, Jewish women, European women, Eastern Europe, Yugoslavia, Vienna

After receiving her PhD in Eastern European and Jewish History in 1973, Harriet Freidenreich taught for two years at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles and then for thirty-six years at Temple before retiring in 2010. She is still considered the world expert on Yugoslav Jewry, the topic of her doctoral dissertation. She has written books and articles on Viennese Jewry and educated Jewish women in Central Europe and in the United States. She taught a wide range of courses at Temple on European and American Jewish History, women’s and gender history, Eastern Europe, the Holocaust and Israel. She still enjoys teaching adult education courses at OLLI at TUCC (Temple University Center City) on European and American Jewish history, as well as women’s history and related fields.

Selected Publications

The Jews of Yugoslavia (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society. 1979)

Jewish Politics in Vienna (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1991)

Female, Jewish and Educated: Jewish University Women in Central Europe (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2002)

Courses Taught

  • Modern Jewish History
  • The Jewish Diaspora
  • Antisemitism, Racism and the Holocaust
  • Israel: History, Politics and Society
  • The Jewish Experience in America
  • Jewish Life in the Balkans
  • Jewish Women’s History
  • Women in Modern European History
  • Love, Marriage and the Family
  • Eastern Europe in the 20th Century
  • Judaism and Islam/Jews and Muslims