Urban Sociology, Social Stratification, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Work andOrganizations, Criminology


After publishing journal articles on the Sociology of Work and Organizations, Education, and Crime, I discovered my greatest sociological passion--the study of cities and communities. I am especially fascinated by urban artistic communities, both past and present, and have utilized the historic constructs of "bourgeois" and "bohemian" to compare and contrast such communities. My book, Artistic Enclaves in the Post-Industrial City: The Case of Lawrenceville Pittsburgh (Springer, 2017), maintains that Lawrenceville's struggling artists have integrated bourgeois and bohemian practices and values to build a sustainable artistic enclave. I have also studied artistic community life in Philadelphia with the help of Sociology doctoral students Rachel Wildfeuer and Keith McIntosh. We recently sent our joint article on Fishtown/Kensington's artistic community to a scholarly journal. Our thesis is that Fishtown/Kensington artists have created an "Artistic Bohemian Lifestyle community" that maintains a significant degree of consistency with the traditional bohemian lifestyle, but that is not animated by the anti-bourgeois attitudes that have been foundational to bohemian community life.

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