Sociology of Education, School Effects, College Destinations, Quantitative Methods, Social Class


My main interests are in the sociology of education and quantitative methods. I am currently looking at what matters more for academic outcomes: avoiding really impoverished schools or attending really affluent ones.

Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications

  • Klugman, Joshua and Jennifer C. Lee. Forthcoming. “Social Closure, School Socioeconomic Composition and Inequality in College Enrollments.” Social Science Research.
  • Klugman, Joshua. 2016 (December). Essential or Expendable Supports? Assessing the Relationship Between School Climate and Student Outcomes. Sociological Science 4: 31-53. (Presented at the annual meeting of the 2016 American Sociological Association, August 23rd. Seattle, WA.)

Courses Taught

  • Is College Worth It?  Student Debt and Student Gain
  • Statistical Methods in Sociology
  • Graduate Statistics in Psychology
  • Multilevel Models