Professor- Emeritus

Carolyn_Adams-207x300.jpg Gladfelter Hall 1115 Polett Walk Philadelphia PA 19122 Expertise Urban Policy, Nonprofit Institutions, Economic Development, Infrastructure Planning

Professor Carolyn Adams has been a member of the faculty at Temple University in Philadelphia over 30 years, teaching courses in urban development, city problems, and government policies to address them.
She earned bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Michigan and a doctorate in political science from Washington University/St. Louis.
Dr. Adams has authored numerous articles and books, including many publications about Philadelphia. She wrote one book on the impact of municipal investments on housing values in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Her other studies of Philadelphia include two books on the city’s political and economic development during the second half of the 20th century, which she co-authored along with several Temple colleagues.

Her 2014 book from Cornell University Press was From the Outside In: Suburban Elites, Third-Sector Organizations, and the Reshaping of Philadelphia. It showed how major nongovernmental, nonmarket institutions are taking responsibility for reshaping Philadelphia, led by suburban and state elites who sit on boards and recruit like-minded colleagues to join them. During the opening decade of the 2000s, Dr. Adams served as a co-principal investigator for the Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project, securing over $2 million to fund data collection, mapping and analysis for Philadelphia and hundreds of townships located in its Pennsylvania and New Jersey suburbs.

In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Adams has consulted with non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia region on issues ranging from community development and human services to land-use planning. She has served as a director of the William Penn Foundation and as a trustee of Moore College of Art & Design. She has chaired the board of Public Citizens for Children and Youth, and currently chairs the Institutional Review Board of Public Health Management Corporation.

While at Temple University, Dr. Adams has held a number of leadership positions including: Department Chair, President of the Faculty Senate of the University, and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, a position in which she served on three separate occasions –one term in the 1980s, one in the 1990s, and again in the 2000s.

Selected Publications

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(2008) Restructuring the Philadelphia Region: Metropolitan Divisions and Inequality. Co-authored with David Bartelt, David Elesh and Ira Goldstein. Philadelphia : Temple University Press.

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Courses Taught

  • Urban Dynamics
  • Cities
  • World Urban Patterns
  • Urban Policy Analysis
  • Geographic Basic of Land Use Planning
  • Economic Development Planning for Cities
  • Senior Seminar
  • Public Policy for Urban Regions