IH, Mosaic, Intellectual Heritage, Zombies, World Religions, World Literature, Critical Thinking, 851, 852


Carrie is a teaching pastor, whose experience with youth and children extends more than two decades. She has been teaching in Intellectual Heritage since 2005, and loves doing so. She helped launch IH's online courses, and has taught both in person and online courses since then. She is also found teaching critical thinking in both church and academia around PA, NJ, and DE, and has a deep interest in globalization and non-western expression of philosophy and faith. She's also a big nerd who loves the classics of sci fi, fantasy, and futuristic literature, as well as international fiction and film. She's also really keen on the Muppets. 

Selected Publications

  • ABCUSA International Ministries World Mission Offering Curriculums - 2005-2008
  • Consultant on religions and fantasy for The Geek Initiative games

Courses Taught

  • IH 851
  • IH 852