Raegan Davis is a PhD Candidate in Political Science whose primary subfield is International Relations (with Comparative Politics as a secondary). Prior to beginning her studies at Temple, Raegan received a BA in Political Science from Indiana University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in three years with an honors certificate, a certificate in Political and Civic Engagement and two minors in Spanish and Arabic. After graduating, she worked for two years in Washington DC, first as an international nonprofit lobbyist and then in the legal field.

Raegan specializes in quantitative methodology and her region of focus in Latin America. Following her first year in the Temple Political Science Department, she spent two months living and performing field work in Havana through the New School's International Field Program, in collaboration with Casa de las Americas. The research she conducted there was accepted for presentation at the Northeast International Studies Association.

Raegan has served as a teaching assistant for Introduction to International Relations at both Temple and Indiana University, as well as Politics of the UN at Indiana University, US Foreign Policy at Temple University, and Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences at Temple, for which she is presently an Instructor of Record. She has also served as a research assistant at both institutions, focusing on the South American region in both cases.

Faculty Advisor: Jessica Stanton
Curriculum Vitae