Environmental Criminology, Research and Analysis, Crime Analysis


Ryan Sentner received his MA in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University in 2008. He is currently finishing his dissertation which focuses on using situational crime prevention techniques to prevent bank robberies. Prior to coming to Temple, he worked at The Police Institute at Rutgers University where he analyzed homicides and repeat burglaries in Newark, NJ. Being a Temple alumnus, he is excited to be back in North Philadelphia to work with undergraduate students. His areas of interest include environmental criminology, modern technology and crime, crime prevention, and crime analysis.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice Research (CJ 2601)
  • Criminal Justice Research and Analysis (CJ 2602)
  • Urban Crime Patterns (CJ 3404)
  • Introduction to Corrections (CJ2301)
  • Environmental Criminology (CJ 3402)
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ 1001)
  • Crime and Crime Analysis