American Politics, Representation, Inequality


Michael Sances studies representation and accountability through the lens of US state and local government. Recent research projects include the impact of the Affordable Care Act on political behavior, the causes and consequences of cities' use of fines and fees as a revenue source, and spatial voting in mayoral elections. He teaches courses in American politics and research methods. He received his PhD in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014, and has previously served as a postdoctoral scholar at Vanderbilt University and an Assistant Professor at the University of Memphis.

Selected Publications

  • “The Politics of Policy: The Initial Mass Political Effects of Medicaid Expansion in the States.” With Joshua Clinton. American Political Science Review 112(1): 167-185. February 2018. 
  • “Attribution Errors in Federalist Systems: When Voters Punish the President for Local Tax Increases.” Journal of Politics 79(4): 1286-1301. October 2017.
  • “Who Pays for Government? Descriptive Representation and Exploitative Revenue Sources.” With Hye Young You. Journal of Politics 79(3): 1090-1094. July 2017.