Kant and German Idealism, Aesthetics, Moral Philosophy


Lara Ostaric received her BA from University of Chicago and her PhD in philosophy from University of Notre Dame. She specializes in history of modern philosophy, especially Kant and German Idealism, with the systematic focus on the relation between theoretical and practical reason, aesthetics, and moral philosophy. She was a DAAD fellow, a fellow of the Center for Advanced Studies at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and Fellow of the Forschungskolleg Analytic German Idealism at Leipzig University.

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Selected Publications


  • The 'Critique of Judgment' and the Unity of Kant’s Critical System, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming June 2023)

Edited Volumes

  • Interpreting Schelling: Critical Essays, Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Courses Taught

  • Critique of Pure Reason
  • Kant's Practical Philosophy
  • Critique of the Power of Judgment
  • Problems in Aesthetics
  • Introduction to Aesthetics
  • Idealism and Realism: McDowell's Mind and World