Social and Political Philosophy (Modern and Contemporary); The Politics of Identity; Bio-Politics; New Materialism; Animal Studies; Feminist Political Theory; Democratic Theory; American Political Development


Professor Melonas is an Assistant Professor - Instructional in Temple University's Department of Political Science. His research considers the ramifications of the study of the political subject being freed from the two opposed extremes of biologism and social constructivism because, ultimately, it/he/she/? is both a biological creature and capable of becoming. Without discounting the usefulness of social constructivism to challenge what were profoundly problematic dogmas, particularly biologism, his scholarship explores how the thesis itself has now become so hegemonic that it is shutting down critical analysis rather than stimulating it.  


Selected Publications

  • “Thinking Philosophical Anthropology Through the Natural Sciences,” New Political Science, 50th Anniversary Issue: What’s ‘New’ About ‘New Political Science? 
  • A Review Essay of Ferit Gven’s Decolonizing Democracy: Intersections of Philosophy and Postcolonial Theory, Contemporary Political Theory.
  • Special symposium in Theory and Event devoted to a critical engagement with Samantha Frost’s Biocultural Creatures with a response from Samantha Frost. Includes pieces by Scott Graham, Jairus Grove, Lisa Blackman, Kevin Arceneaux, Victoria Pitts-Taylor, and Romand Coles, with a review essay, “Living and Thinking Bioculturally,” by Alex Melonas. Edited and introduced also by Alex Melonas.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • The Politics of Identity in America
  • The History and Significance of Race and Ethnicity in America
  • Democracy, Socialism, and Capitalism
  • American State and Local Politics
  • The Politics of Inequality
  • American Political Thought
  • The Making of American Society 
  • Mosaic: Humanities SEM I