First Year Writing, Creative Writing (poetry & fiction), Modernism, Contemporary Poetry, the New York School of Poets, Art Criticism, Digital Culture


I have been teaching writing and literature at Temple since 2006. Prior to Philadelphia, I earned an MFA from Brown University and worked in their Sciences Library. Courses I have taught include Analytical Reading & Writing, Modern Poetry, a Special Topics course on the New York School, and Creative Writing (poetry & fiction). In my time at Temple, I have been awarded two Outstanding Instructor Awards from the First-Year Writing Program and received course development grants from the Philadelphia Experience program and from the Teaching & Learning Center. I have also served as faculty mentor for a student working on a translation project as a Diamond Scholar in 2008 and for a 2010 recipient of the William Van Wert Award. Outside of the classroom, I serve as a Representative to the Faculty Senate and as a member of the TAUP Executive Committee.

Under the byline Stan Mir, I have published two books of poetry, Song & Glass (Subito, 2010), and The Lacustrine Suite (Pavement Saw, 2011). I am also a critic, writing on poets such as Joseph Ceravolo, Gro Dahle, Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, and Linda Norton for the online journals, Jacket2 and Zoland. With Ryan Eckes, I have been organizing the Chapter & Verse Reading Series in Center City since 2009. Audio recordings for some of these readings can be found on PennSound.

Selected Publications

Books of poetry:

  • The Lacustrine Suite. Montpelier, OH: Pavement Saw Press, 2011.
  • Song & Glass. Boulder, CO: Subito Press, 2010.

Chapters in books:

  • Flight Patterns. Brooklyn, NY: JR Vansant, 2009.
  • Test Patterns. Brooklyn, NY: JR Vansant, 2010.

 Reviews online:

  •  “Without Burning Up the Frame: A Review of Arkadii Dragomoshchenko’s Endarkenment.”, January 2015.
  • “‘My Mother’s Mother-of-Pearl: A Review of Gro Dahle’s A Hundred Thousand Hours.”, July 2015.
  • “On Joseph Ceravolo’s Collected Poems.”, 2013, Vol. 2.
  • “The Quiet Influence of Patience: A Review of Linda Norton’s The Public Gardens.”, November 2013.

Courses Taught

  • English 0701: Introduction to Academic Discourse
  • English 0711: Introduction to Academic Discourse – ESL
  • English 0802: Analytical Reading and Writing
  • English 0812: Analytical Reading and Writing – ESL
  • English 0902: Honors/Lit/Reading/Writing
  • English 2000: Special Topics: New York School of Poets
  • English 2003: Creative Writing (poetry)
  • English 2004: Creative Writing (fiction)
  • English 2511: Modern Poetry
  • English 2711: Introduction to Cinema Studies
  • English 2712: International Cinema
  • English 2900: Honors Special Topics: New York School of Poets
  • English 3082: Independent Study (Writing and Publishing in the Punk Rock Community)
  • English 3082: Independent Study (Diamond Scholarship focusing on translations of Callimachus)
  • English 3521: Contemporary Poetry
  • English 3900: Honors Special Topics: Among the Hum-Colored Cabs: The New York School of Poets and Painters