Habsburg Empire, Central and Eastern Europe, European Gender


Professor Krueger is a specialist in 18th-century Central European history. Her first book explored the early decades of Czech national sentiment among Bohemian elites and she has published other work on scientific institutions and the Bohemian Enlightenment. She is currently working on a biography of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, as well as two other research projects - on medical authority in the Habsburg lands and on the politics of family life in the 18th-Century Austrian Empire. Professor Krueger regularly teaches on Central European history, early modern and modern European history, and European gender history.

Selected Publications

  • Ivo Cerman, Rita Krueger, and Susan Reynolds, eds. The Enlightenment in Central Europe, SVEC, Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, 2011.
  • Czech, German, and Noble: Status and National Identity in Habsburg Bohemia, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.

Courses Taught


  • History 1301 Modern Europe
  • History 0824: Gender and World Societies
  • History 2817: Gender, War, and Society
  • History 3431: Women’s Lives in Modern Europe
  • History 1900: Living Royally: The Lives of Kings and Queens in Europe
  • History 2303: Central Europe, 1618-1871
  • History 2317: Central Europe, 1848-1989
  • History 4480: Premodern Europe
  • History 3480: Food Fights: The Social History of Consumption in Europe
  • History 3496: Intermediate Writing Seminar in European History
  • History 4497: Senior Writing Seminar in European History


  • History 5480: Premodern Europe
  • History 8301: Introduction to European History
  • History 9996: Masters Thesis Colloquium