Visceral Geography; Bodies; Health; Affect, Feeling and Emotion; Critical Food Studies, Social Movements; Feminist Geography; Colombia


Dr. Allison Hayes-Conroy received her MA in geography from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and her PhD in geography from Clark University in 2009. She has published widely on food-body relationships, critical nutrition, and visceral geography. She also has worked on the role of the body in youth-based social movements and peacebuilding in Colombia. Most recently, Dr. Hayes-Conroy has worked on critical biosocial approaches to the body, especially examining how bodily experience matters to health and wellbeing. In this same line of work, she has collaborated with life and health scientists in creating research training that would allow for cross-epistemological team science. She co-founded the Bio3Science research network, bringing together diverse expertise in biology, biography, and biosphere to better understand how the health of the individual human body is shaped by relationships to diverse physical and social contexts.

Selected Publications

Selected Books

  • Hayes-Conroy, Allison and Hayes-Conroy Jessica (eds). 2013. Doing Nutrition Differently: Critical Approaches to Diet and Dietary Intervention. Critical Food Studies series. Ashgate.

Selected Articles

  • Hayes-Conroy, A., Saenz Montoya, A., Croog, R., & Munoz, F. (2020). Not quite quiet, not quite encroachment: Interrogating the political nature of urban subaltern community engagement in Medellin, Colombia. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space
  • Wiese, D., Escobar, J. R., Hsu, Y., Kulathinal, R. J., & Hayes-Conroy, A. (2018). The fluidity of biosocial identity and the effects of place, space, and time. Social science & medicine198, 46-52.
  • Hayes-Conroy, A. (2018). Somatic sovereignty: body as territory in Colombia's Legión del Afecto. Annals of the American Association of Geographers108(5), 1298-1312.
  • Hayes-Conroy, A., & Saenz Montoya, A. (2017). Peace building with the body: resonance and reflexivity in Colombia’s Legion del Afecto. Space and Polity21(2), 144-157.
  • Hayes-Conroy, A., & Sweet, E. L. (2015) Whose adequacy? (Re) imagining food security with displaced women in Medellín, Colombia. Agriculture and Human Values, 1-12.
  • Hayes-Conroy, Allison and Hayes-Conroy, Jessica. (2010) Visceral Difference: Variations in Feeling Slow Food. Environment and Planning A. 42(12) 2956 – 2971
  • Hayes-Conroy, Allison and Martin, Deborah G. (2010) Mobilizing Bodies: Visceral identification in the Slow Food Movement. Trans. Inst British Geography. NS 35 269–281
  • Hayes-Conroy, Allison and Hayes-Conroy, Jessica. (2008) Taking Back Taste: Feminism, Food and Visceral Politics, Gender, Place and Culture. 15(5)

Courses Taught

  • Food Studies: A Geographic Perspective
  • History and Theory of Urban Studies
  • Bodies in Geography Classroom Studio