International Political Economy, Economic Foreign Policy, Trade, Exchange Rates, Capital Controls, International Financial Institutions


Alexandra Guisinger is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Undergraduate Chair at Temple University. Prior to starting at Temple, Dr. Guisinger was an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Guisinger’s research concerns how states, international markets, and domestic actors communicate with each other. One strand focuses on how governments can most credibly signal intentions to other governments and to markets. A second strand focuses on public opinion toward government policies. Her work utilizes formal and informal models based on assumptions of rational decision making and strategic interactions and covers a diverse set of topics, including conflict escalation, financial crises, exchange rate regimes, trade policy, and capital regulations.

In American Opinion on Trade: Preferences without Politics (Oxford University Press, 2017), Dr. Guisinger builds upon her prior research on the salience of trade to explain why trade policy, which once defined U.S. political parties, had fallen out of political discourse in recent campaigns, only to reemerge in 2016 Presidential election campaigns. Hear more about the American Opinion on Trade by clicking on this podcast with Micha Zenko of the Council for Foreign Relations”: “What Americans Really Think about Trade: A Conversation with Alexandra Guisinger.”

She is currently co-Principal Investigator on the Foreign Policy for a Diverse Society Project with Nyron Crawford and Katja Kleinberg and a regular contributor to Good Authority.


Selected Publications

Courses Taught

  • POLS 1301 Introduction to International Politics (undergraduate lecture)
  • POLS 2000 U.S. Elections & Foreign Policy (undergraduate lecture)
  • POLS 3530 U.S Foreign Economic Policy (undergraduate research preparation seminar)
  • POLS 3530 U.S. Politics and International Trade (undergraduate research preparation seminar)
  • POLS 3910 The Politics of Global Trade (honors research preparation seminar)
  • POLS 8000 Research Design (graduate)
  • POLS 8330/4996/3996 International Political Economy in an Era of Crises (graduate seminar/senior capstone/junior capstone)