Dante, Medievalism, Cultural Studies, Cinema and Television, Sicilian Studies, Italian American Studies, LGBTQIA+ Studies 


Carmelo A. Galati is an Associate Professor of Instruction and the Co-Director of the Italian Studies Program at Temple University. He earned his BA in English Literature and Italian in 2003 from the University of Pittsburgh. He received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 2011. 

Dr. Galati's scholarship focuses on Dante and Popular Culture and the representation of Italian American LGBTQIA+ minorities in the Media. He has published articles on Dante’s reception in musical theatre, Roberto Benigni’s public readings of Dante’s Commedia, and a book chapter on Queer representations of Italian Americans on film and television. In addition, he is the author of Temple University’s free, open-source textbook, Gratis! A Flipped-Classroom and Active Learning Approach to Italian, currently under review with North Broad Press.

He has been teaching Italian language and cultural studies courses at Temple University since 2007.

Selected Publications

  • “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter … High School? Dante’s Commedia and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Journal of Popular Film and Television, 2022 (Forthcoming).
  • Gratis! A Flipped-Classroom and Active Learning Approach to Italian. North Broad Press, 2021 (Forthcoming).
  • “Queering the Guido or Guidoing the Queer? Performing Gender and Identity on Comedy Television.” Queering Italian American Media. Sole Anatrone and Julia Heim, eds. 2021 (Forthcoming).
  • “Benigni’s Dante: From the Piazza to the Quirinale.” Dante Alive, Simone Marchesi and Francesco Ciabattoni, eds. Routledge, 2021 (Forthcoming).
  • “Galeotto fu ‘l libro e chi lo scrisse, La Commedia in palcoscenico: Un adattamento per il pubblico del XXI secolo” Ol3 Media: Musical! June 2010.
  • “Ed elli avea del cul fatto trombetta’: In Defense of Roberto Benigni’s Comedy” L’anello che non tiene: Journal of Modern Italian Literature, vol. 24, 2012.

Courses Taught

  • Dante’s Inferno and Popular Culture (Taught in English)
  • Italian Origins of Western Political Thought (Taught in English)
  • Sexual Identity in the Italian American Experience (Taught in English)
  • LGBTQ in Italian and Italian American Culture (Taught in English)
  • Sicily and the Mafia in Literature and Cinema (Taught in English)
  • Monsters and Demons: From Dante to Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Taught in English)
  • Dante on the Screen: The Divine Comedy in Popular Culture and Media (Taught in English) 
  • Culture and Civilization: The Medieval Imagination 
  • Culture and Civilization: Gender Roles in Italian Society from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century
  • Culture and Civilization: Italy, from Fascism to the Present through Literature, Film, and Press
  • A History of Italian Cinema (Taught in English)
  • Survey of Italian Literature I 
  • Independent Study I: Dante’s Inferno
  • Independent Study II: Primo Levi and Dante
  • The Italian American Experience (Taught in English)
  • Immigration and the American Dream (Taught in English) 
  • Sicily in Literature and Film (Taught in English)
  • Creative Writing Through Literature
  • Composition II: Advanced Writing Skills
  • Elementary Italian Language I, II, and III
  • Honors Italian I and II
  • Intermediate Italian