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Orfeo Fioretos is Professor of Political Science at Temple University, where his research and teaching are focused on the politics of markets and international institutions. His publications address institutions of global governance, the role of historical legacies in international relations, the regulation of mobile capital, capitalist diversity and international cooperation, international monetary politics, and the political economy of European integration and Transatlantic relations.  He is the author of Creative Reconstructions:  Multilateralism and European Varieties of Capitalism After 1950 (Cornell University Press, 2011), editor of International Politics and Institutions in Time (Oxford University Press, 2017), and co-editor with Tulia G. Falleti and Adam Sheingate of The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism (Oxford University Press, 2016). His articles appears in International Organization, International Theory, Global Policy, Review of International Political Economy, Comparative Political Studies, Journal of European Public Policy, and Review of International Studies among other journals.

Professor Fioretos received his Ph.D. from Columbia University and B.A. from Bennington College.  He has held visiting appointments at King’s College London as a Fulbright Fellow, Ludwig–Maximilian University, the Bavarian School of Public Policy, Sciences-Po Paris, and WZB Berlin Social Science Center.  Fioretos is former President of the International History and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, and Chair of the International Political Economy Section of the International Studies Association. 

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Selected Publications

  • Fioretos, Orfeo. 2019. The Syncopated History of the Liberal International Order, British Journal of Politics and International Relations 21 (1) (forthcoming).
  • Fioretos, Orfeo (ed). 2017. International Institutions and Politics in Time.  London and New York:  Oxford University Press.
  • Fioretos, Orfeo, Tulia G. Falleti, and Adam Sheingate (eds.). 2016. The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism, edited by London and New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

Courses Taught

  • World Affairs (0866)
  • International Politics (1301)
  • Politics of the Global Economy (2321)
  • Globalization (3332)
  • Governing Globalization (Capstone, 4896)
  • Theories of International Relations (8301)
  • International Political Economy (8303)