image of Aunshul wearing a black blazer and red scar on a background that looks like the inside of a computer

Aunshul Rege, PhD, is an Associate Professor with the Department of Criminal Justice. She has been researching proactive cybersecurity in the context of cybercrimes against critical infrastructures for over 10 years. Recently, she has been featured in Episode 2 of the Love, Janessa podcast, a BBC World Service and CBC Podcasts production! This 8-part true crime series is about catfishing and is delightful storytelling (and scary/sad at times too)! It’s been featured on EsquireThe GuardianVulture, and Financial Times. She also has been featured in a short video featured on BBC World Service, which addresses catfishing as well. Check out the podcast and BBC video below!

BBC World Service

Why do so many catfishing scams come out of West Africa?

BBC CBC: Love, Janessa

Episode: 2 "The Big Fish"